Top Ten Items to Recycle


1. Aluminum

2. PET Plastic Bottles

3. Newspaper

4. Corrugated Cardboard

5. Steel Cans

6. HDPE Plastic Bottles

7. Glass Containers

8. Magazines

9. Mixed Paper

10. Computers

Source: Care 2 (National Recycling Coalition, January, 2014)

11. Also, live Christmas trees.



#Recycle and #Don'tWasteFood -Sherlene®




1. Buy recyclables.                                     

2. Conserve water when not in use.

3. Unplug devices when not in use.

4. Carpool or use public transportation.

5. Ride a bike or walk.

6. Turn down your household heat (70-75°) or turn up your cooling (70-72°) temperatures. There are several ways to heat your home: coal, propane, natural gas, petroleum, uranium (old ways); biomass, wind, hydropower, solar, geothermal (new ways).

7. Flush your household toilet each time after using toilet tissue.

8. Wear light colors on warm days.

9. Wear several layers of clothing on cold days.

10. Try to complete all daily tasks in the day time. Sleep during dark/night-time hours.

11. Water plants after 6 p.m.

12. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL).

13. Avoid using paper plates or cups.

14. Use a lunch box instead of paper bags and box drinks.

15. Avoid purchasing box drinks.

16. Purchase large jugs/containers instead of bottles.

17. Purchase cans instead of plastic bottles any time. Do not reuse milk jugs or fruit drink containers as a jug/container for drinking water supply.



1. Use cloth shopping bags.

2. Share/donate books, tools, and materials.

3. Reuse bags and packaging.

4. Find new uses for fabric.

5. Buy rechargeable batteries.

6. Reuse plastic grocery bags as trash liners for your household's small trash cans.

7. Have space in your yard for a garden? Hire someone to work the ground for you, and teens to help you plant seeds.



1. Compost food and yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, branches). It makes great fertilizer for your lawn or garden.

2. Donate unused items.

3. Choose recyclable packaging.

4. Collect and replant seeds.

5. Collect rain water and reuse for watering plants, etc. Never drink collected water or snow.

6. Buy recycled items.

7. Wash out plastic sandwich/freezer bags and use them again.

8. Use comics from newspapers to wrap gifts.


Purifying Plants

Jewel of India (Bedroom area), Janet Craig (Living Room area), ZZ Plant (Den area), Golden Pothos (Kitchen area), Bamboo Palm, Ficus, and Philodendron.


Did you know that plastic bottles can be recycled into clothes and rugs? ... Paper ... into boxes and bags? (source S. Ecker of Huffington Post, 2014)


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