Planning a Reunion 



Source: Reunions Magazine, 2012
Choose a set date and time and stick to it, yearly or every time-pattern year.

  • Choose a date around a family milestone or special day; silver or golden wedding anniversary, a grandparent's or elder's birthday, a wedding or graduation, an ancestor's birthday or date of family immigration to our country, a retirement party, a birth, or an ethnic or religious holiday.
  • Once you set a date, create a timetable for goals and objectives to be concluded.
  • Choose a date around time of year/season. Most reunions are held between June and September because the weather is better, travel is easier and school is out.
  • Choose a date around a long, holiday weekend.
  • Remember, even if the reunion is not held every year everyone knows when it will be.


1. Hurricanes usually occur in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea between June 1 and November 30. The word hurricane comes from hurakan, the storm god of the Caribbean Taino Indians. Hurricane warnings is important in tropical areas and the Caribbean because ordinarily their weather doesn't change.
2. Seasons in the southern part of South America are opposite to the American seasons. Summer begins in December and winter begins in June. Your South American relatives or friends have two major weather seasons: rainy and dry. So keeping up with the news is rather unordinary.

Family Definitions
1. Unique Household - Individuals who are or are not related and reside or participate within a specific housing dwelling or shared space. (i.e., brother, sister, mother, father, group of friends)
2. Immediate Family - Mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, individuals of a unique household
3. External Family - cousins, aunts and uncles, godparents, cousins from a marriage
4. Godparent - A woman or man who is not the biological parent, but loves, gives things, and give advice throughout their lifetime to a related or non-related child.
5. Great Aunt - Your mother's or father's sister, or your grandparent's sister.
6. Great Uncle - Your mother's or father's brother, or your grandparent's brother.
7. An individual has two sets of a family unit--maternal (mother's side) and paternal (father's side).
8. A married individual has four-set unification of a family unit--your maternal and paternal and your spouse's maternal and paternal.

Generation Definitions
1. First Generation - Children from the first couple of a family tree.
2. Second Generation - Children from the children created in the first generation.

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