All-Time Most Favored "My Family" Pics
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My Mom and (half) Brother before my other (half) siblings arrival. I don't know why my stepfather didn't go with us this day. Do we look like Mabel, Raj and Dee? of 70s TV show "What's Happening"?
My Dad
Last photo with both of my (maternal) great-grandparents
My Former Mommy-Expecting-Moment in Fashion!
Who is this?! Size 32 shirt or XXX, Size 22 pants, and Size 16 undies, My Mommy-Expecting Dayssss :)
1st of my four that has graduated high school.
Homecoming dance
Last High-School Prom!
2 of mine graduated and 2 more completion soon!
My son--dressed up--supporting his sister's final year of high school, graduation ceremony: posing with a friend.
Middle-School Formal Dance
A High-School Homecoming Dance. Credit: Forever 21
The third of my four children to have graduated. One more to complete high school and my biological children line will be finished with such community academics. College graduations now, if they choose!
My four biological kids. They are now young adults; love watching the development of their individual personalities.