Dear Audience Family, The 'family tree' and its features is what unites us all, as a global society, with diverse cultural traditions and family-life expressions. This is a news portal platform available to you, individuals and families. --With Love, Sherlene D. Stevens

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  July 1 - 31, 2019

Multi-Ethnic Identity Appreciation Month


My birthday month (Birthday July 23rd). This year's theme is: "What are some of the American so-called dreams that families value and pursue?"


Summer team social conclusion by teaming up, activities of both Team Ladies and Team Gentlemen.





It's National Ice Cream Month! Purchase and enjoy this sundae at your nearest Wendy's. Image Credit: Wendy's (2019)
It's National Ice Cream Month! Purchase and enjoy this sundae at your nearest Wendy's. Image Credit: Wendy's (2019)







Image Credit: I would like to give credit to those who created the birthday pics that I have shared this month.  I don't own copyright to said images.

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