Dear Audience Family, The 'family tree' and its features is what unites us all, as a global society, with diverse cultural traditions and family-life expressions. This portal platform of amusements is available to individuals and families. -With Love, Sherlene® (Socialization and Devotion Speaker, Evangelist)

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    November 1 - 31 Native American and Multi-Racial Native American Appreciation Month. Also, Family Self-Worth Month. Saturday after U.S.A. Thanksgiving Day is our Just Dress-Up Saturday. It's a great time to teach kids how to behave appropriately at a meal by having a formal dinner of leftovers at home or dine out. An opportunity to teach meal mannerisms, being proper in public, and respecting others when at a public place venue, etc. December's Holidays Carolers begin November 27 - January 17.


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Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day



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