Coronavirus: Grocery Shopping Safety Tips

Plan your shopping trips; the coronavirus remains on surface items for 1 - 3 days.




























Credit: YouTube (2020).



Spring Season: How Do You Change A Heating and Cooling Air Filter?

It's spring! It's important to change the air filter in your home, business, and vehicle.






































Credit: The Sherlene Brand (2020).




Spring/Summer/Autumn Season: What are Sump Pumps?

A discussion of how to decrease moisture or flooding in your basement or crawl space.




























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Autumn/Winter Season: What are Frost Quakes?


A discussion of that loud cracking sound that you may hear inside of your dwelling                                                       place or outside. 




























Credit: YouTube (2019).





Question: Are Native Americans/Native Americans of Color Considered Illegal Immigrants? 

Answer: No.


Individuals and Families Were You Born Outside of U.S?:   "Know Your Rights When Asked About Your Immigration Status"































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